Phoenix Colocation Services

So you have started a small company that is growing quickly, but you’re not making enough money to have a fully operational IT staff to constantly monitor and handle IP, bandwidth, security, outages, power, and anything else required to run a fully operational website server. Well today’s day and age there are cost effective ways to get everything you need to host a website and server without having to purchase all of the equipment, staff, and space required for it. A colocation data center is basically a huge facility that has all of the staff you need for your IT needs, as well as space for your server equipment, security, and a substantial amount of power to keep it running. There are many advantages as to why one should use a colocation data center for their business needs, and with more and more centers popping up over the country even Phoenix colocation is an option. Here are 5 main reasons why one should consider using an colocation center for their business needs.

Phoenix Colocation Options1. One of the best advantages for using a data center is that you will get a higher bandwidth and better speeds than if you were to run a business grade DSL line, for the same price.

2. If anything were to happen to your business and you had a power outage, you server would be down, and even if a backup generator is in place, it might not have the necessary power to keep everything running at full speed. At a center, that is not an issue, because they make sure they have all of the protection necessary in case an outage was to occur.

3. You own the necessary server equipment needed for the job. So if you want to upgrade it, you can go in and do that at any time, no need to wait for your provider to get around to it.

4. When you are doing your own server hosting and maintenance and decide to move, you will most likely be caught paying for two lines while the move is in process. If you server equipment is at the their center, than it doesn’t matter where you move with your business, your server will be up and running the whole time.

5. One of the best things about using this service is that most of the time they will include maintenance and managing of your server, with their services at an extra cost. This extra cost may be much cheaper than hosting it yourself and having to have to staff an IT staff to do it. They will guarantee the job is done well, and have great security to protect it as well.

Overall I believe a small business can benefit greatly from these service centers and one should really research the pros and cons to running it yourself or paying for someone else to offer you this service. It could improve your website and save you lots of cash as well.  If you end up needing Phoenix colocation services we recommend the cheap energy solutions found at, click HERE to visit there site!